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Patagonia + Puma Safari Chile - Jan. 16 - 26, 2025
  • Patagonia + Puma Safari Chile - Jan. 16 - 26, 2025


    Torres del Paine is South America’s finest national park. Soaring vertically more than 2000m/6500ft above the Patagonian steppe, the granite pillars of Torres del Paine dominate the landscape. It is a vast massif with many attractions including azure lakes, lush forests, hanging glaciers, alpine lakes, roaring rivers and camps/refugios surrounded by rugged mountain terrain.

    It is also home to the top predator of South America, the puma. The Chilean Patagonia has the biggest concentration of pumas in the world. We will go on a unique Patagonian expedition in 4 x 4 trucks to find them and explore the wonders of Patagonia.


    Join us in this unique route that combines the most beautiful spots of the park with off the beaten path highlights.

    - Jan 16 - 26, 2025


    - Meeting point: Santiago, Chile 


    This itinerary is curated for both solo travelers and groups. Our small group will have a maximum of 12 people.

    This is an active adventure; you must be in good physical condition and embrace the great outdoors to enjoy it. There is no technical climbing but expect steep ascents with killer views. 

    We can accommodate any dietary restrictions, including gluten free and vegan. There will be NO WIFI or  phone signal some of the days in Torres del Paine. We do have a satellite phone in case of an emergency. There is WIFI in some of the refugios.

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