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A Wildlife Adventure of a Lifetime

Botswana Trans-Okavango: A Wildlife Adventure of a Lifetime $17,000 ($5,000 non-refundable deposit)
May 1st - 12th, 2025

If these dates don't work, please inquire about private custom bookings.


Get ready for our greatest adventure yet, the Trans-Okavango, a journey that transcends the ordinary and elevates the spirit of exploration to new heights.


The Okavango Delta, is a breathtaking mosaic of winding waterways, lush floodplains, and pristine wilderness. It is renowned as the world's largest inland delta. Here, animals roam free in their natural habitat, unencumbered by fences or boundaries, creating the most authentic safari experiences on Earth. The annual flood, originating from Angola's highlands, transforms the Delta into a verdant oasis, attracting a stunning array of wildlife. As we embark on our journey from the Delta's northern reaches to its heart, we'll witness firsthand the unparalleled beauty and untamed spirit of this remarkable ecosystem.


Our odyssey begins in the breathtaking Xini Lagoon Glamping site, where you'll find yourself immersed in the heart of nature, surrounded by the tranquil waters and vibrant wildlife of the Delta.


We will then strap in for an exhilarating helicopter ride to the remote reaches of the Delta, where ancient echoes of the past linger in the form of mesmerizing rock paintings at Tsodilo Hills. 

After a night of wonder and reflection at the Nxamaseri Lodge, our journey takes a daring turn as we set sail for the heart of the Delta. For three unforgettable nights, we'll navigate the waterways, camping on wild islands under the star-strewn African sky. Here, amidst the rustling reeds and echoing calls of the wild, we'll indulge in gourmet meals, fine wines, and soul-stirring conversations around crackling campfires.


As we traverse the Delta's pristine channels, we'll witness nature in its purest form – from majestic elephants crossing the waters to the myriad creatures that call this untamed paradise home. And rest assured, while you may be sleeping under canvas, our tents will ensure that comfort is never compromised.


Finally, our journey culminates in the lap of luxury at the Shinde Luxury Lodge. Nestled amidst the Delta's splendor, this oasis of refinement offers a sanctuary where wildlife, water, and good vibes converge. Here, amid sumptuous surroundings, we'll unwind and reflect on the epic adventure that has unfolded – a journey that promises to leave an indelible mark on your soul.


So, dare to escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with our Trans-Okavango adventure. This is more than a trip – it's a testament to the spirit of adventure.


Important Info:

  • Date: May 1st - May 12th, 2025​

  • Price: $17,000 per person, all inclusive except international flights​

  • $5,000 Non-refundable deposit to reserve a spot​

  • Group Size: 6 travelers​

  • Solo travelers will be paired with a cool roommate or pay an additional fee for a single accommodation.​

  • Final payment will be 60 days before departure

IMG_7771 (1).JPG

Price Includes

  • Professional Guides

  • Expedition doctor

  • All accommodations 

  • Three domestic flights in and out of the Okavango Delta

  • Two helicopter transfers 

  • Game drives with private guide and vehicles

  • Boating safaris

  • Fishing

  • Gourmet meals

  • Wine, champagne, spirits, beer, water, sodas and juices.

  • All park fees

  • Tsodilo Hills experience, bushmen rock painting with a local guide

  • 1 night 5 star accommodation in Johannesburg

  • 4 nights land based glamping in Xini Lagoon, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta.

  • 1 night in Nxamaseri Lodge

  • 3 nights Trans-Okavango boating expeditions safari

  • 2 nights in Shinde luxury lodge

  • Airport transfers

  • many surprises

Price Excludes

  • International airfare

  • RT flight between Johannesburg (JNB) and Maun (Botswana)

  • Personal insurances

  • Other personal items

Day 1 - May 1st, 2025

Fly to Johannesburg International Airport which is our meeting point to start this amazing adventure. 

Recover from your long haul trip and enjoy a relaxing day in the spa of our 5-star hotel. The hotel is only a 2 min walk from the international arrivals terminal at JNB airport.

Optional: Massage, Dinner out

Day 2 - May 2nd, 2025

Day 2 marks the beginning of our epic adventure as we embark on a short international flight from Johannesburg (JNB) to Maun, Botswana – the gateway to the Okavango Delta. From there, a charter flight awaits to whisk us away to Santawani airstrip, deep within the heart of the Delta.


Upon arrival, our intrepid crew will be ready and waiting as we set out on an exhilarating game drive towards the enchanting Xini Lagoon area – our home for the next four nights. Here, amidst the pristine wilderness, Xini Lagoon is renowned for its breathtaking beauty and, most notably, its frequent sightings of the majestic cheetah.


But our camp isn't just about the wildlife; it's a sanctuary for the soul, where good food, vibrant vibes, and champagne flow freely. As we settle into our glamping accommodations, surrounded by the serenity of the African landscape, we'll be greeted by our exceptional crew – ready to guide us through four days of pure adventure and blissful disconnection beneath the vast African skies.

Day 3, 4, 5 - May 3rd-5th - Xini Lagoon, Moremi Game Reserve

Xini Lagoon

Over the next three days, our journey through the Xini Lagoon area will be dedicated to the pursuit of predators and game, unveiling what makes this part of the Okavango so extraordinary. This region's uniqueness lies in its pristine and unspoiled wilderness, a true testament to the untouched beauty of Mother Nature.

We'll engage in twice-daily game drives, with our trusty fridges stocked with an array of refreshments, including beer, champagne, and tasty snacks. It's in this enchanting setting that we'll have the chance to track down predators and immerse ourselves in one of the most untouched and pure wilderness areas on our planet, where every day feels as fresh and exhilarating as day one.

Returning to camp in the evening, we have three more splendid nights of glamping ahead, accompanied by our remarkable crew. Gathered around the crackling fire, we'll share stories and create lasting memories under the star-studded African skies.

Day 6 - May 6th, 2025 Helicopter to Northern Okavango

On the 6th day of our journey, we rise with the sun, eager for another day of adventure. After an early departure from camp, we make our way to the airstrip, where a helicopter awaits to whisk us away to the far north of the Okavango Delta – a region rarely explored by outsiders.


Our destination? The awe-inspiring Tsodilo Hills, home to ancient bushmen paintings that date back over 20,000 years. As we soar above this mystical landscape, we're transported back in time, witnessing the artistry and spiritual significance of these ancient artworks.


After three hours of exploration and a picturesque picnic amidst the rugged beauty of Tsodilo Hills, we return via helicopter to the tranquil oasis of Nxamaseri Lodge. Nestled in the heart of the Delta's panhandle, this hidden gem offers a sanctuary of serenity and unmatched beauty.


Here, amidst the tranquil waters and lush surroundings, we'll unwind with refreshing drinks and indulge in an exquisite dinner – a fitting end to a day filled with discovery and wonder.

Day 7 - May 7th, 2025 Trans-Okavango boating safaris

On the 7th day of our journey, we're greeted by the golden hues of dawn as we watch the sun rise over the majestic Okavango Delta. After a hearty breakfast, we embark on our greatest adventure yet – a three-day Trans-Okavango boating expedition safari.


Our expedition begins in the Delta's panhandle, where we'll navigate a labyrinth of rivers, lagoons, and channels towards the heart of this untamed wilderness. Our crew is a skilled ensemble of cooks, camp managers, and captains, accompanied by three support boats to ensure our journey is as smooth as it is exhilarating.


As we venture deeper into the wild, we leave behind the distractions of civilization, immersing ourselves in total disconnection from human encounters. Instead, our days are filled with awe-inspiring encounters with nature – from sightings of game to the majestic sight of elephants gracefully crossing the channels, these moments will define our journey.


From sunrise to sunset, and under the blanket of starry skies, the sense of freedom envelops us, soothing our souls and igniting our sense of adventure. This is more than just a safari – it's a journey of self-discovery, where each moment brings us closer to the raw beauty and untamed spirit of the Okavango Delta.

Day 8, 9 - May 8th, 9th Trans-Okavango boating safari

On days 8 and 9 of our epic journey, our Trans-Okavango crossing continues. With every passing moment, we're treated to captivating sightings of birds, predators, and the vibrant tapestry of life that thrives in this untamed wilderness.


As we cruise towards the heart of the Delta, we indulge in the art of catch and release fishing. Our route takes us to wild islands, where we'll set up camp amidst the rugged beauty of nature. Here, our canvas tents offer all the comforts you need for a restful night's sleep, while ice-cold drinks, beers, and fine wines await to quench our thirst.


But it's around the campfire where the real magic happens. With the crackle of flames and the scent of wilderness in the air, we gather to savor gourmet meals cooked to perfection. As we lose ourselves in the moment, the worries of the world fade away, and we're transported back to a time when life was simple and pure.

Day 10, 11 - May 10th, 11th - SHINDE LODGE

On the 10th and 11th days of our expedition, we bring our thrilling Trans-Okavango boating safari to a close and board a charter flight to the illustrious Shinde Luxury Lodge.


As we unwind in the lap of luxury, we'll regale each other with tales of our Trans-Okavango crossing – an adventure like no other, embarked upon by only a select few. These stories, woven with moments of exhilaration and serenity, serve as a testament to our shared experiences in this wild and untamed landscape.


Amidst the splendor of Shinde Luxury Lodge, we'll delight in exquisite meals and drinks, raising our glasses to toast to the memories we've created and the bonds we've forged.

Day 12 - May 12th - Fly home

On our final day, we bid a fond farewell to the Okavango Delta as we boarded our flight from the airstrip back to Maun. Arriving late in the morning, we have ample time to catch our outbound flight to Johannesburg, scheduled for the afternoon. With a landing in JNB around 4 pm, international flights departing after 7 pm ensure a smooth journey home.


For those seeking to extend their adventure, please inquire about our extensions. Consider exploring the vibrant landscapes of South Africa, the rugged beauty of Namibia, or the pristine beaches of Mozambique. For a truly unique experience, discover the gorillas of Gabon or Rwanda, or embark on an island getaway to Madagascar.


As we reflect on the memories made during this extraordinary journey, let us not forget that the adventure doesn't have to end here. Whether you choose to return home or continue your exploration of Africa, the spirit of adventure ignited in the Okavango Delta will stay with you for a lifetime. Until we meet again, farewell to this remarkable journey that has enriched our lives in ways we never imagined.

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